Artist Bio

Felicity Fahy

Felicity’s formative years were spent in rural Canterbury, New Zealand playing outside, escaping into books and making things – always making things. Being an artist was the furthest thing from her mind as she couldn’t draw… besides she loved biology, geography, math and chemistry way too much.

She attended Canterbury University, Christchurch and received a Bachelor’s and Masters of Science specializing in coastal management. This meant she got jobs that entailed walking along beaches (also writing the odd report) and getting paid for it. On a quest for more and better beaches she travelled widely and worked in Australia, the UK and USA.

After many years working in coastal geomorphology and environmental roles she has been called to develop a different relationship with the coast, the landscape and all there is. Her studio is located on the shores of the gorgeous Doubtless Bay, New Zealand overlooking the golden shell-sand of Cable Bay and she is back to making things with paint.

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