Artist Statment

Connectivity and flow are central to my work. The pursuit of connection to self, others, environment and the totality are explored and documented in a range of mixed media works.

I journey through landscapes, topography, geology, water and maps to understand the processes that bind us and set us free. Works often reflect coastal morphology and ecosystems research – evidence of 25 years spent in hard labour as a coastal geomorphologist and environmental consultant.

Juxtapositioning of societal values alongside my own often provokes text and symbols – either intelligible or obscured. Found objects are used as painting tools, or included in the work as a way of re-using resources – symbolically extending their material life and referencing the multi-layered existence of all things.

Blues, greens, earth colours, fish, spirals and circles – metaphors/symbols for flow and unity, often dominate my work. The ocean’s vastness, the tidal ebb and flow echo universal rhythms.

Brush strokes mimic nature and morphology – the beach cusp, the curl of the wave, striations of aggregated sand and current swirls. Beach sand is mixed with the paint to ground the image to place. Dynamic change, the interface between land and sea, between humanity and the cosmos call me.

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